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Registered Agent Services

Let The M.J. MILLER Law Firm act as your registered agent in the State of Illinois. If you need to establish a business you need a Registered Agent to complete your business registration application. Every business owner must have a Registered Agent on record with the Secretary of State. Plus, as a business owner you will receive important legal documents and our office can receive those documents for you. For example, If your company were to be served legal documents, the process server would come to our address, not yours.


When you allow The M. J. MILLER Law Firm to serve as your registered agent you select a licensed law office, not just a service provider, to handle documents that may also require legal assistance. As your registered agent, The M. J. MILLER Law Firm will scan and email up to 5 notices per month. Your information will always remain confidential and you receive notice of any documents received within a commercially reasonable time frame.

One-time Annual Fee: $120 (Excluding Fees)