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Terms of Service


Coverage of Terms

These conditions and terms (“Terms’) and disclaimer on which The M. J. MILLER Law Firm supplies products to you including digital content and services. Information contained on this website  alone does not constitute legal, business, career or other professional advice of any kind. 

Scope of Terms and Services

You agree to these Terms through your access or usage of this website. Attorney has no obligation to provide legal services until You submit payments for service and in some cases also return a separate signed agreement that creates an Attorney-Client relationships. Attorney will exercise reasonable efforts required to represent Client and take reasonable reasonable steps to keep You informed on the progress of Your legal matter as a Client. Content on this site is not legal advice, is  not a substitute for legal advice, and may not reflect the most current  legal developments. You should not rely on information on this site as  legal advice for any purpose. The M.J. MILLER Law Firm expressly disclaims all liability with respect to actions  taken or not taken based on any contents of this site. If you do not agree to be bound by the foregoing, discontinue using this website.


Consulting Services

Business Consulting Services are offered on this website. Business Consulting Services do not constitute legal advice. You may cancel undelivered consulting services within three (3) days after purchase.


Confidential Information

Please do not send us any information you consider to be confidential or secret until you have received authorization from Attorney.


Client Responsibilities

As a potential client and Client, You agree to cooperate with Attorney and keep Attorney informed of developments that come to your attention.


Termination of Representation & Post-Representation Matters

Once an attorney-client relationship is created, subject to our obligations under the Rules of Professional Conduct and the approval of the court if the matter is in process or litigation, either party may terminate the representation at any time. However, contract drafting & review will be subject to deduction of hours logged on file at an Attorney hourly rate of $400 regardless of flat rate of original service. Furthermore, if a trademark application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”) has been filed Client will forfeit the USPTO Application Fee and will be entitled to only 50% of payment, excluding the deposits. Client shall not be entitled to a refund of a deposit after the initial legal consultation call.


Final Sales

Sales are final on all boxes, toolkits, completed contracts, legal advice and subscription services.


Attorney Advertising Notice

Portions of the content on this site may be considered attorney  advertising under the laws or rules of professional conduct of some  states. Determining the need for legal services and choosing a lawyer  are important decisions and should not be based solely on this website.   Prior results  do not guarantee a future outcome.


Hyperlinked Information Disclaimer

This site may contain links to external internet sites, and external  sites may link to this site. The M.J. MILLER Law Firm does not necessarily  recommend or endorse these sites and is not responsible for their  content or operation.


Copyright Notice

The M.J. MILLER Law Office and/or its owner retains the copyright in the text and graphic  elements contained on this site, along with the arrangement of the site  itself, including all other intellectual property and proprietary rights  therein, and all rights are reserved. Unauthorized use of the  information present on this site, or the re-transmission of the  information in any form, is prohibited.

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