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The Law Box® was birthed out of my desire to educate people about pertinent legal issues and to give them a jumpstart on legal information that  is pertinent to establishing and protecting their businesses, brands and bucks. The Law Box® consists of a series of specialized boxes that contain important business planning and legal information. You may purchase The Law Box® one at a time of you can participate in The Law Box® subscription program. The subscription program will give you a unique law box twice a year that has its own unique legal focus. In 2019, a new law box was launched and released. New boxes will be released twice a year and they will be available going forward.

You will save thousands of dollars in legal fees by subscribing to The Law Box® subscription program today. Each box will contain over $1200 worth of combined products, information, disclaimers, letters and/or contracts. Because I desire to sow my wisdom and knowledge into the masses, each box will be offered at the unbelievable price of $295 each.

With great excitement, I’d like to announce the first law box relaunch : 

“The Biz & Brand Law Box”

You can pre-order your box now.

The Biz and Brand Law Box™- Value $1500, but your cost is only $295 + Shipping

Bi-Annual Subscription of The Law Box® - Value $1500 or more, but your cost is $275 + Shipping

The purchase of the The Law Box® does not take the place of an attorney or legal counsel. Purchase of this product does not create an attorney-client relationship. The disclaimers and contracts provided are templates that may require tailoring to your unique circumstances. All sales are final.

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