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After navigating the challenges of  balancing law firm ownership, entrepreneurship, ministry, motherhood and being a new wife, Michelle created the "Law Savvy Entrepreneur's 12-Month Planner". Michelle wants to help entrepreneurs develop successful business strategies while also becoming law savvy. Michelle has a passion to create a worldwide community of Law Savvy Entrepreneurs™

The "Law Savvy Entrepreneur's 12-Month Planner" is not your average planner! This personal and business planner is especially designed to impart inspiration, success strategy templates and legal knowledge into your life. You will be able to set goals, design a portable vision board and even create a millionaire pitch with this planner. You can start the planner at the month you select in order to maximize your use of the planner whenever you purchase it.

This planner is designed for teaching entrepreneurs business law terms, goal-setting, and helping with work-life balance. It’s uniquely suited to help develop Law Savvy Entrepreneurs™ while at the same time helping people like you manage your busy days, memorialize your visionary ideas while also making space for your dreams.

Prepare to order a NEW planner every year because you’ll want to use the "Law Savvy Entrepreneur's 12-Month Planner" for the rest of your life!

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